Introduction of Flip Cameras
In spring 2010 I began researching flip cameras for use in the Journalism program from both an equipment efficiency and cost-effective perspective.  After testing and researching several brands, I decided to introduce to students a flip camera known as the Kodak Zi8.  This camera is a video camera, audio recorder and can also take digital images for print publications.  By having the students use these cameras it has eliminated the purchase of audio recorders for the radio portion of the journalism program.  As well, the cameras have the ability to shoot HD video so students take these cameras with them when they are specifically creating content for the journalism website instead of the higher-end cameras.  This has eliminated wear and tear of the more expensive pieces of equipment in the program.

Students will now purchase a flip camera (the Zi8 is no longer being manufactured but has been replaced with a comparable flip camera) in their first semester and use it in a variety of courses, for audio recording, video recording and taking images, throughout the three-year journalism program.  As well, these types of cameras are allowing students to edit their work and get it online much faster than in the past.  I created a video tutorial explaining shooting techniques when using a flip camera which students have found very helpful.  I have added it as an artifact in this section as it demonstrates the usefulness of these cameras for journalists and my ability to translate visually the most effective way to use them in the field.

This introduction of a certain type of technology, never before used in the journalism courses at Durham College, was an interesting prospect for me.  I felt the principles of social constructivism, a learning theory, guided me through the research and final decision to include it in the course I was creating.  The knowledge I was developing and would then be sharing with my students was not constructed in a vacuum but rather through shared knowledge that could be found online.  Once the technology was introduced in my classroom the knowledge grew as I learned more about the camera and my students also shared their tips and tricks on using it.  Interestingly enough the students began using the camera outside of their assigned course work finding it useful to create stories or record interviews for freelance work they were doing.