nick_writing The Community Technology Unit (CTU) would be a way to help individuals discover digital technology with the added advantage of creating connections between the college and the community.

My vision sees the Community Technology Unit receiving a request from the community to conduct a workshop at their place of business.  The length and the type of the workshop would be worked out with the organization, school, community program etc. making the request.  These requests could come from Durham College as well.  For example, I spoke to a professor teaching in CICE who felt running digital technology workshops within their classes would be beneficial to their students.

I also feel this undertaking could be the basis of a research project that looks at how post-secondary institutions can strengthen the bonds between themselves and the communities surrounding them by offering free learning opportunities.   This sort of experience might also encourage individuals to consider the area college as an educational destination no matter their ages.

Researching this interaction between a college and the community would be a professional development opportunity that would be both enriching and informative to me as an educator.