In the spring of 2010 I began developing a new course called Intro to New Media.  This course was delivered entirely online in September of 2010. It was delivered asynchronously and I used my own website to deliver the 14-week course.

In 2011 I revised the course to be delivered via Durham College’s learning management system – WebCT.  In order to do this efficiently I learned a new application called SoftChalk and I integrated that application with WebCT.  Below are examples of a lesson in WebCT that has been designed with SoftChalk.

I also created several tutorials using screen-capture software (Camtasia) and then uploading the content to YouTube. Below is an example of one of the tutorials.

I believe developing this online course and revising it in the past two years has been a wonderful educational experience for me.  As I result I learned several new applications, different ways to deliver online content and new technology.  I feel designing and delivering this course has helped develop my skills as an instructional designer.